Windows manufactured with Thermal Break systems, offer you the newest technology, with the best wind resistance, best noise resistance and the best protection against outside temperature.

European Channel Series with Thermal Break, for windows and doors, thanks to its novel design using a polyamide separator, it allows us to save energy of up to 25 percent. Its main feature includes the possibility of making a window or door bicolor finish, in, an exterior finish and in two different colors.

With aluminum you get elegance and comfort.

Thermal Break Aluminum Windows: 

When choosing aluminum windows for your home, it is a good idea to look into the thermal break option. This option is available in the high end side of aluminum windows, but they provide much better insulative protection than normal aluminum windows. But should you install thermal break aluminum windows? Here are a few pros and cons to consider.

Do Not Need Heavy Maintenance

One of the great things about aluminum windows is that they have a baked on enamel that does not rust or fade. You do not need to maintain it as much as any other type of window. A basic cleaning in the spring and fall will suffice. 

Better Insulative Properties
The thermal break separates the interior and exterior window panes for much better energy efficiency. 

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