Custom Windows and doors. 

We are living the change with the current innovative designs in architecture. New houses are designed with the newest styles, therefore require products at an equal level of beauty and design as them.
European desing doors and windows , meet the characteristics and possibilities for each case in particular.

since we have developed the possibility of manufacturing your windows to your own taste in particular.

No matter the size or the openings.
Covent Doors, specializes in offering Custom doors and windows, without having to pay more for it.

Tilt & Turn
Picture Window
Tilt & turn - Fix - Casement.
French Door
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thermal break window
The new Aluminum Generation

What is thermal break? 

It is a turning window in to a thermally efficent system to improve well-being in homes and buildings to save on energy costs.

This is achieved by reducing thermal transmission, inserting  profiles of thermal strut between aluminum profiles to reduce thermal  transmitance combined with glass. 

This alows innovate designs to combine different colors and finishes for exterior and interior. For all types of windows and doors.

Architectural Profile Systems

For all types of windows.

Special for monolithic, tempered or laminated glass.

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